2 free Sublime Text color schemes

I’m a huge fan of Sublime Text as an all-around code editor, when I first started using it, I always kept the default color scheme (Monokai) in my settings because it looked colourful and saturated; just how I like it. But once I started to explore other color schemes I realized I could contribute to the cause! Here are two credit-free Sublime Text colour schemes for your personal enjoyment:


Kozmic's PHP Colours
Kozmic's Javascript Colours
Kozmic's HTML Colours
Kozmic's CSS Colours

This one came as a transference of colours between the program Brackets and some personal tweaks. You can feel the tropical scent into it, although you probably would like to use these themes with a small font instead of a large one.

Download Kozmic

Panic Coda

Panic's CSS Colour
Panic's PHP Colour
Panic's Javascript Colour
Panic's HTML Colour

I have used Panic Coda before and the colour scheme is good once you get used to it. This is why I decided to import some of the colours of that scheme to my own, changing some minimal details and replacing the black main foreground text colour for a darker navy blue.

Dowload Coda

Wrapping things up

As you can see, the HTML schemes don’t seem to look good, but the other languages go along pretty well with these two schemes, specially with PHP, syntax-highlighting was never this neat!

If you wish to create your own Sublime Text colour scheme, wait for the tutorial  on Creativenauts, or click here.

Ask, comment, or give feedback :)

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