Color Pickers with magnifying glass for pixels

Often, when working with projects, or because of mere curiosity, we carve for a different color picking software that allows us to zoom very closely into the pixels of an element to pick a very specific pixel and of course, its colour. This can be useful for web design, pixel perfect crafting, pixel art, copying user interface elements, checking if gradients are gradients or not, colour verification or whatever other use you may find or want to give to it.

There are two apps that I’m going to present in a rather quick fashion, one for the good ol’ Mac OS, and the other one for those who use Windows and thought this wasn’t available.

ColorSnapper (Mac OS X – $4.99 USD)


ColorSnapper may cost you 4.99 dollars but it’s really complete, the colours are selected and converted to various formats such as RGBA, RGB, Hexadecimal, HSL, HSLA, UIColor and NSColor. Can also be triggered with a hotkey and the magnification can be smoothly changed from 2x to 11x so you can see the very detail of what your cursor is surrounded by. The good point must be the usability factor it has, really simple and appealing.

More –>

ColorPix (Windows – Free)


Windows wasn’t going t be left behind, you can download this little application for free, you won’t get the tremendously sleek interface and usability of ColorSnapper, but it does the job pretty well. To use this, just open the app (you better keep it in a dock or a quick access), if you want to keep it above all your windows click on the + icon. To show the magnifying glass, click on Magnifier or press Ctrl+M; to lock the color and start copying the value(s), just press any key (while on the app) and then click on the value you want (Hex, HSB, CMYK or RGB). Notice that you can change the Zoom, I prefer to use 500% but there’s also the option of having a 1000% zoom value.

Make sure to download ColorPix, not any other program shown on the Download page, m’kay?

More info:

Hey, give us an example!

Alright, old sport! See the example image used in the Windows app above this paragraph? I was using my WordPress dashboard and I noticed that the “Publish” button with a tomatoish, orange colour as a background choice looks actually pretty neat and thought to myself: Hmm, I can copy the border colours and the background, then reproduce this element here to substitute a generic download link for the programs.

First, you grab your tool of choice and use it as it is instructed when you acquire or download the piece of software. Then you copy the colors and start doing what you wanna do with them, in my case, coded these:

I already gave you examples, only you can make some use out of ColorSnapper or ColorPix, I love using it, maybe you will too ;). Leave a comment if you know about some other useful tool we can all use and enjoy.

Ask, comment, or give feedback :)

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