Interview with Hong Kiat Lim (Hongkiat)


This post was published on my previous blog which was sold, deleted and forgotten.
So now it’s time to bring it back to life and available for your reading as I know you
will make a good use of it. If you think it’s obsolete, now you know the reason.

As the cool box says above, this is an old interview, the story behind it is simple. I put a link in my other (deceased) blog inside an article mentioning a Hongkiat post and I thought to myself… damn! This a fine blog, I gotta interview the person behind it. It’s one of those blogs that I used to follow back in 2008-9 and to date, they’re still alive and better than ever. I sent him a tweet asking if I could send him some questions and got an answer, then I did so, got the answers back in a morning, totally unexpected; I remember I was preparing for school.

A little about Hongkiat is a very popular web design blog, run by Malaysian developer and designer Hong Kiat Lim, who works as a freelancer in Singapore and Malaysia. He owns the aforementioned blog and now that I check, he has hired some authors during the time I wasn’t reading.

The other picture I used looked weird, so I put this one.

1- Do you remember your first days as a blogger? Tell us some.

It was probably 3 years ago. Things were easier and post were shorter. I wrote short posts about things that I’ve heard of, things that are interesting to me and things related to technology and design.

2- Web design can be tough to master, how did you manage to learn it?

It all goes back to 1998, when I was first exposed to multimedia software’s like Flash, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Basics and foundation were learned at college, what I know now are all self-thought.

3- What is your favorite style of design?

I’m not a fan of any design style in particular. I love them all! I’m also a sucker of hybrid design, meaning a mix of few styles. For example, colorfully vintage, or perhaps grunge and minimalistic design.

4- What is your opinion about social networking?

These services group people of the same interest together. Find and join people who share common interest with you. If you wrote something you figured they might be interested, share with them and they will share with their friends. Do the same thing when people share something interesting with you. Give and take, keep doing that and you’ll soon realize you have a constantly increasing crowd of audience.

5- Seems like you are using WordPress as a CMS, who told you about that software and how did you learn to use it correctly?

I wasn’t told by anyone about WordPress and if I remember correctly, WordPress at that time was just yet another blogging platform that I discover while stumbling upon from blogs to blogs. Then I soon found out it was a better solution better flexibility and greater control. WordPress isn’t as hard as I thought, I mean installation and configuration are certainly piece of cake. However, whenever things gone wrong, I’ll check it up on the WordPress forum or Google it. That keeps me using it correctly.

6- Why did you create a blog? What inspired you to share your experience with other people?

Frankly, my first blog was created because everyone around me had one. Back then it was used to record daily rants and stuff but then I soon realize it should be for better purposes. I was a designer, so I figured it’d be cool to use the blog to record my experiences, techniques, and findings for both my further reference and the sake of sharing with other fellow designers. And that’s how it ended to be a technology and design blog today.

7- Who is your favorite designer and why?

I’ll have to give it to both Eric Jordan, Chief Creative Officer and Shane Mielke, Creative Director of I have been following the for quite some time and their work have always been so impressive, inspiring and always will be. Sometimes I just wonder what these guys eat, lol.

8- Share with us a short auto-biography of yourself and your early days.

I’m a Chinese, born in Malaysia but currently staying in both Malaysia and Singapore, depending on where I’m required (job and projects). I was a Head of Creative for a local company before I make blogging my full time job. I do design & develop, blogging, and consultation.

9- What are your design/development tools?

I’m a hardcore Apple fan. On most occasion I depend a lot on my Macbook pro, on the other hand I also posses a Macbook Air, white and a black. In terms of software, here are few applications I used the most often – Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Safari, Firefox (with Firebug), Transmit and Textmate.

10- What would you tell to the other bloggers and people who want to create a blog?

Make sure you are writing what are passionate about. Have consistency, faith, honestly. Your readers will be able to tell 🙂 . If you meant what blog will I recommend one to start, I won’t recommend something in specific; you’ll know what you truly like, not me.

This is the very end of it, the questions were kept simple, so were the answers. I had to correct my own English questions because the grammar looked like a 1st grader’s, lol. If you have something to comment or ask, don’t forget to leave a comment.

Hong Kiat Lim’s blog:

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