Movie Wednesday #2 – Videodrome

Hello dear reader, do you fancy a little trip into one of the weirdest movies ever created? I came today to introduce to you: Videodrome. By the Canadian director David Cronenberg, whom you might know if you loved movies like The Fly or Easter Promises; it was made in the 80’s so be ready for it ;), 1983 was its release date and has James Woods for the character of Max (Max Renn), our tormented boy.

Videodrome Poster

What is it about?

It’s somehow hard to explain, Max has a TV channel and constantly pushes the edge on its content, he then goes out looking for new content and encounters what he was looking for, Videodrome. The programming consists of sadomasochism and torture (if I remember well), after some time, he starts hallucinating bizarre events that are better left to you as a viewer, not good at spoiling things. He gets involved in a global conspiracy and a series of incredible visual fest of disgusting imagery will be on your screen for the good hour and a half that this movie lasts.

Get me interested…

Why telling you that the visuals are worth it, the plot immerses you and eventually, you’ll be able to say you watched this great piece of work by Cronenberg. It’s one of those disturbing movies with a cult feeling, like the type you’d expect of Jacob’s Ladder or Dark City. It would be better to give you the trailer and one of the best pictures:


I personally recommend it, you can take my word that you will enjoy it! Forgot about the rating, but you just need to know the basics, if you are under 16, it’s ok to watch it if you are over 14 haha, but really, this movie is MA, 18, R and some countries have it on the 16+  rating; Argentina has it as an X movie (that’s odd). It’s not gory (it has one scene though…) nor it has sexual content, it’s disturbing and that’s all you need to know.

Death to Videodrome! Long live the new flesh!

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