Interview with Peter Maciocha (Enjin)

Last of the odd wave of interviews I’ve been having this month. If you are looking for an explanation on this, please check Veerle Pieter’s interview, as it says, this and the other 3 interviews were made in 2009 (approximately) so, that would explain some flaws :P.


This post was published on my previous blog which was sold, deleted and forgotten.
So now it’s time to bring it back to life and available for your reading as I know you
will make a good use of it. If you think it’s obsolete, now you know the reason.


Peter Maciocha, A.K.A Enjin is a Polish graphic designer, when I interviewed him, he was 25 years old and now he must be 30. I found him on DeviantART, after seeing his work entitled “Mirrors”, I decided to send him a little interview request, he accepted and the rest is history. Though I’m not sure if he’s still active, his last work was posted like 2 or 3 years ago; I wonder what happened.


1- Who are you? Tell the readers a little bio.

Hi, I’m Enjin – I am a 25 year old graphic designer who lives in Poland. I studed grahic design in college, but I consider myself to be a self-taught designer, given that most of my skills were acquired by just experimenting with editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D Max.

2- What’s your concept of design and art?

Well, I think it’s all about making the world a more beautiful place, as an artist, I should also say that it’s about expressing feelings, sharing emotions and engage with other people through illustration, design and simply, art. For me, art is a form of living, it’s all I know and for me, the only thing I enjoy, the only thing that pushes me forward in life.

3- Exactly, how do you do those genius works? What software are you using and how?

He he, I’m not a genius, there are some out there, but not me. Anyway, for most of my work I use Photoshop, sometimes I add a little bit of 3D Max elements, also, Illustrator or both. From time to time I even use After Effects for some special effects. I tend to combine those in a single piece in Photoshop and work a lot in fusions. I just hate when an element looks different, so I work in shadows and highlights in order to make a perfect composition.

4- Do you have a job? If so, please tell us about it.

I worked as an art director for a design agency, but I recently left. I don’t have a job atm :).

5- Who are your favourite designers? If an URL is available, please share.

Adrian Knopik :
Maciej Mizer :
The guys from Ars Thanea:
KDU (various of their artists):
Christopher Hewitt:
Joshua M. Smith:
and much more, the list is long.

6- Exactly, what inspires you, your dreams, life, what?

My major source of inspirantion is music, and my dreams.

7- Everyone has dreams and future goals, what are yours?

In the future, I would like to make money with my art, and work professionally as an illustrator. In my recent years I worked as a web designer (which is kinda boring [this was a parenthesis by the interviewed, Enjin, not mine]).

8- Mention your favourite design styles.

My favourite has to be retro-futurism.

9- In your internet life, what blogs or sites do you visit on a daily basis?

Behance Network:
Computer Love:
and of course Google.

10- A copious amount of folks say they don’t have creativity, what’s your opinion on that?

Well, I think that if someone says “I don’t have creativity” and feels good with that, why bother? But if someone wants to be a creative person, the only thing he or she should do is work. Work in their habilities, push their own boundaries and go beyond the limits. There are no excuses or compromises, just try to make the next job better than the previous one. Of course sometimes you’ll feel like you have no creativy, but don’t worry, artists always face this feeling, just take a break, do something else and it will eventually return.


Now, it’s all sorted with these old interviews, but there will be MORE for sure! I’m currently on talks with Noupe, Smashingmagazine, A list appart and more people behind awesome blogs. I’m also searching for cool portfolios of amazing people to interview. Question ideas and feedback are well received in the comments down below ;).


Ask, comment, or give feedback :)

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