11 Songs I enjoyed in January 2014

I was supposed to post this like 2 weeks ago, but here it is, a top 10 list (this one has one extra) of the songs I enjoyed the most this past January 2014. It’s always nice to tune in the radio (I tune in 101.5 KGB and 91.1 ‘The cutting edge of Rock’), open Grooveshark or simply use any player I have at hand because nothing beats getting things done with music to help and inspire.

There are three songs from the Breaking Bad soundtrack, a TV series that I finished last year’s August! Absolutely loved those three songs (plus ‘Baby blue’ and ‘We are born when we die’; these weren’t added) because they made me feel goosebumps or think “oh man… what an awesome scene.” I’m a huge fan of Sabbath and Steve Miller Band, so you’ll see them around so many times, why? Because I love them, that’s why. This one is shaping to be almost all about Classic Rock, which is probably my favourite genre along Thrash, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Blues, Jazz, Orchestra and Old School Hip-Hop.

WordPress.com gets pretty upset about copyright, so I won’t add any YouTube videos or links to listen to the songs, you can grab Spotify or anything else to find and listen to them; hope you like them as much as I do.


The Wizard

Artist/Band: Black Sabbath – Album: Black Sabbath


A horse with no name

Artist/Band: America – Album: America


Mrs. Robinson

Artist/Band: Simon & Garfunkel – Album: Bookends


Fly like an eagle

Artist/Band: Steve Miller Band – Album: Fly like an eagle


Baby, I love your way

Artist/Band: Peter Frampton – Album: Frampton


Bennie and The Jets

Artist/Band: Elton John – Album: Goodbye Yellow Brick road


Tidal Wave

Artist/Band: Thee oh sees – Album: Heart Sweats 7″


Digital Animal

Artist/Band: Honey Claws – Album: Honey Claws


Living in the USA

Artist/Band: Steve Miller Band – Album: Sailor


The Chain

Artist/Band: Fleetwood mac – Album: Rumours


Good times roll

Artist/Band: The cars – Album: The cars

4 thoughts on “11 Songs I enjoyed in January 2014

  1. In a strange coincidence, there are 6 songs in there that are currently on heavy rotation on my stereo – the first 3, the Steve Miller Band songs and The Chain.

  2. My car thanks you for reminding me about the Steve Miller Band – it’s been getting tired of my John Denver CDs.

    1. Thank you for the comment, and yeah! Steve Miller Band is one of my favourite bands; an absolute blast. I’m in love with Abracadabra and Take the money and run. Keep on rocking me baby, baby, baby and Jet Airliner are the ones I use to drive. I think I have a driving playlist somewhere, I might upload it soon.

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