You can now follow Creativenauts on Facebook!


I’ve created a page on Facebook for you to like or subscribe, when you do it, you will be able to see a publication on your Facebook timeline (if your settings are correct) with a thumbnail and a description, click on it and you’ll be redirected here. I consider Facebook as a big opportunity to have a bigger reach and audience, but you have to help me by liking the page and sharing/liking the posts that WordPress will automatically publish on the page’s wall. Once the page reaches a decent amount of followers, let’s say hmm… 500, I will host a contest to win digital goods such as iTunes gift cards, Paypal money, more quality freebies and more.

Make sure to share the posts once I start publishing more content from now point on, because when you do it, your friends will be able to see it and engage with the blog, their friends will do the same and this way I can grow the audience, which will eventually motivate me more and more; that’s a good thing for sure.

Click here to Like the Facebook page.

Ask, comment, or give feedback :)

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