7 Amazing Twitter clients for your computer

Social media has become a huge part of our lives, if you don’t believe just look at what most of the people are doing even at important events: grab the little “phone” (looks more like a time machine nowadays) and start facebooking, tweeting, tumblring and whatever other social network activity comes to your mind. It doesn’t matter what you use it for, using the main website (twitter.com) is not a good experience unless you are trying to check out the multimedia content uploaded by its users. If you are seeking for a cool experience while you are on your amazing desktop or laptop computer, allow me to introduce to you my personal favourites (I use TweetDeck, always will) when it comes to get the job done.

A client is an application that will allow you to link your Twitter account and start using all of most of its features without having to visit Twitter’s homepage; Some of them are small and simple, others are very complete, but they all are globally used. Some of them are capable of handling more than just one account and by god there are even clients for multiple social networks (Seesmic comes to mind, or “had come”, because it’s been acquired by HootSuite). I am not going to mention any web app because the only one that comes to mind is HootSuite (TweetDeck also has a web version), which went from free to “premium” geared towards companies and social media experts that have more needs than the average user. Let’s begin!

I WILL NOT include the official Mac OS X twitter app (formerly called Echofon, I reckon) nor the official Windows 8 app, because they’re official; TweetDeck is in the official products page but I wanted to include it.

Quick Note: If you have Windows as your Operating System, press the keyboard combination that allows you to search text inside the page and type in “windows”, same with “Mac OS X” or “Linux” (“Ubuntu“).

1- TweetDeck


Come to think, this once was a random Adobe Air application that started to gain the public’s attention because of its complexity and usability; it looked great and it still looks great. You have features such as multiple accounts, columns, two colours: black and white; the real time thing is kinda neat but it’s not exactly working smoothly if you have a slow connection or choose to accumulate posts for long time. It also works perfectly for hash-tag following or topic search and engagement. It is the same as using the web app, but it works inside an S.O window, so if yo are not connected to the net you are going to see NOTHING, so bear that in mind.

Operating systems: Mac OS X / Windows / Chrome App – Is it Free?: Yes

More information and downloadhttps://about.twitter.com/products/tweetdeck

2- Tweetbot


Mac twitter apps focus more on a clean mobile look than a large social media panel workspace, but that’s actually something good as you only see what you need to see and you can always deepen more and more when it’s necessary. Tweetbot is a little bit expensive for me (20 USD approximately) but hey! The profiles look neat, the interface is simple and it’s beloved by many Mac OS X users, so don’t feel hesitation and buy the app if you are convinced by its features and overall look & feel.

Operating systems: Mac OS X – Is it Free?: No

More information and downloadhttp://tapbots.com/software/tweetbot/mac/

3- Turpial


Little credit to omgubuntu.co.uk for the image; if you thought nice looking apps were done just for the Mac, you were wrong! This Venezuelan software was developed in python and has great features, comes in 10 languages, it’s simple and supports multiple columns. Go get it because it can be download for many Linux distributions out there.

Operating systems: Linux – Is it Free?: Yes

More information and downloadhttp://turpial.org.ve/

4- Tweetro


This and the next apps will look “metro”, the Windows 8 user interface. Tweetro is for the Windows 8 only, the main marketed feature is that it has a built-in browser so you can check out the links you read on your timeline. It used to be free but now it costs some cash; the reason is on the about page.

Operating systems: Windows 8 – Is it Free?: No

More information and downloadhttp://tweetroapp.com/

5- MetroTwit


For just one particular feature I didn’t establish MetroTwit as my main Twitter client, and that was the “search filters” feature that many other clients have! I feel like the search feature included in MetroTwit needs to be improved. But let me tell you something, this Aussie piece of software is the most appealing multi-column twitter app you will see for Windows (including v8) OS, it works like a charm and the real time is nice; you can’t add more than one account if you don’t go premium though…

Operating systems: Windows (includes a Windows 8 special version) – Is it Free?: Yes

More information and downloadhttp://www.metrotwit.com/

6- Osfoora


Looks familiar? Didn’t I tell you almost all Twitter apps for the Mac OS X look the same? Shouldn’t be a problem because this app has great futures too! The advanced compose view and advanced tools make this paid app worthy of your space and money. This one is not as expensive as Tweetbot, costs around 2 USD.

Operating systems: Mac OS X – Is it Free?: No

More information and downloadhttp://www.osfoora.com/mac/

7- Twitterrific


Another cool Mac app with sync between mobile and desktop devices, keyboard control, multiple windows and the possibility of using themes to customise the look of your app.

Operating systems: Mac OS X – Is it Free?: No

More information and downloadhttp://twitterrific.com/mac

And we’re done with the list, hope you enjoyed it and got one that caught your attention. If you have one more to add to this list let me know via comment or mail. Remember there’s always the choice of using a mobile device for your social media management, but I don’t really got into that… I don’t even have a smartphone or tablet, haha.

Honorable mention: Sobrees – http://www.sobees.com/ (also supports Facebook)

6 thoughts on “7 Amazing Twitter clients for your computer

  1. I found tweriod really useful too as I manage multiple twitter accounts that are completely different. It lets me know the best times to post according to my followers.

  2. Reblogged this on Roboticized and commented:
    I’ve been using Tweetdeck for years now and I have seen it change. It is a topnotch Twitter client for everyone especially if you’re using Google Chrome.

  3. I might give one of these a try – I keep missing stuff on Twitter because I keep forgetting to open it up in the browser. Maybe a cool dedicated app will help with that. Thanks!

  4. Am trying out Tweetdeck right now after reading this, hopefully it will let me pay better attention to the people I follow, Lol. Thank you for this, it was very informative! I was reading a blogging post of yours earlier that I lost track of bc WordPress… well, because WordPress. But I enjoyed that too — I am trying to figure out the type of content I should have on my blog as well.

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