Free arts and design magazines (PDF, Issuu and more)

The editorial industry hasn’t died yet, I still see incredible publications such as ArtNews, Layers, ComputerArts, Étapes (one of my favourites), Wallpaper, DigitalArts and many Photoshop related magazines around the stands. The internet and digital media are no exception, there must be thousands of digital publications out there, both premium and free issues; I managed to find some of the most recognised FREE issues about art and design around here, the internet. I tried to give preference to English written magazines, but you’ll see a Spanish and an Italian issue amongst the issues.

You will need a PDF reading software, and one of them asks you to download MartView (an amazing e-book reader). Some of them can be viewed online, and last but not less important or trustworthy: small apps for Windows (.EXE) or Mac OS. But… what do they include? These free magazines are caracterised by having inspirational images, sketchbooks, portfolios with interviews, articles and opinions. Click on the image or the title correspondent to the magazine you want to read.

Bak Magazine (Online, Desktop app)


Castle Magazine (PDF)


Vektorika Magazine

I checked the official website and the links are broken, in consequence, I searched for it on Issuu and I pulled out the search link, just click on the image or the magazine title. I believe there are 11 issues.


Bluefire Jellyfish

Bluefire was just released this month on Issuu, so you will only see the first magazine 🙂 , make sure to follow the progress.


Destructed Magazine (PDF)


Breed – Creative Freedom Mag (PDF and Online)


Artzmania (Martview)



Same what happened with Vektorika, but this time, the official author’s page was rebuilt into a tumblr page in which I saw no traces of this magazine; since it was 100% free, I see no problem in putting the Issuu search here; check out the 1st or the 3rd stack from left to right.


Ideafixa (Online)

When you get to read one, you’ll see a button, click on it to read the magazine.


Multilink Magazine (PDF and Issuu)


Apócrifa (Spanish – Issuu)


Bloodwars Magazine (PDF)


Revolutionart (PDF)


Moloko Magazine (PDF – Issuu)


The website is fine, but all the links (including the Russian alternative version) appear to be a JavaScript void call, which doesn’t return any action so I couldn’t download any of the issues. I put the issuu search again but if you want to check the website click here. I don’t know if it’s a temporary failure but I’ll notify the author.

C.O.B.A.C International Art Magazine (PDF)


BeDifferent (Italian – PDF)


Trust me, if you go to Issuu and search the terms you want, a lot of new and fresh magazines will appear; also, have you recently created a new digital magazine you’d like to share with the world? I can help a bit and include it on the list! If I forgot a good one that already exists, please inform me using the comments down below.

13 thoughts on “Free arts and design magazines (PDF, Issuu and more)

  1. Many thanks for the art mags you list here. I’m a big fan of Issuu but I haven’t managed to find the publications listed in your post.

    1. Clicking on the images or the title will take you to the mags, and if you search (in Issuu) the words “design” or “arts”, you’ll definitely get some.

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