Wrestlemania 30, my past birthday and my absence

Ladies and germs, it’s time for me to re-appear here on my own beloved blog; I feel like I’ve been out for too long but it seems like the statistics are UP without me even writing haha. Now, the reason for my little sabbatical is simple: I was so busy with uni that I couldn’t write posts on a regular basis, I eventually forgot to post but even with that I read your comments and kept an eye on the statistics to see how the blog was doing. I’m back in black and my first posts after that long break will be about two things. My birthday and Wrestlemania 30.

I won’t talk long about my birthday since it already happened, it was this past April 9th and I had a B-L-A-S-T, people! I was out looking for mocha cakes and the best coffee place I could find; I invited my friends once I found a good coffee shop and had an after-party in a local disco (those places are not exactly my thing) with music and dancing involved. Nope, no gifts, I received virtual and real calls from friends & family, so, that was cool and heartwarming. Did you guys know that I am afraid of balloons? I feel highly uncomfortable around them and this guy from school came to me with a balloon, I freaked out but I still managed to took the gift without being weird or awkward.

I am now officially a 22 year old young man, still can’t believe it… anyway! As you might already know, I am a huge pro-wrestling fan and my birthday week wouldn’t be complete without the biggest sports entertainment extravaganza of the year: Wrestlemania (30th anniversary). It took place in the Superdome down New Orleans, Louisiana; although Hulk Hogan called it the Silverdome, brother! Hahaha, probably remembering his epic show-down with André the Giant at Wrestlemania 3. Needless to say it was an awesome show, 100 times better than the previous year’s Wrestlemania (sucked ass) mostly because we got 3 good matches above the three star rating and an über shocking moment when Brock Lesnar ended The Undertaker’s undefeated 21-0 streak, OMG! I literally froze and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Daniel Bryan winning was a mark out moment and a very deserved title run for him; the amount of confetti thrown to the ring during his celebration was off the charts. And I want to take some words to speak about The Ultimate Warrior’s death, rest in peace, forever having matches with Savage in heaven. Have fun with these two GIFs:



That’s about it, let’s wrap this up. I will continue writing posts so you can re-tune in again 😉 .

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