Happy Valentine’s Day! And “habemus” domain!

Awww, isn’t it sweet, today 14 February 2014 is the so called Valentine’s Day (Día de San Valentín in my home country) and we are all getting ready to surprise our special ones with gifts, love, smooches, affection and sweet words (and for our couples, maybe “something else”, hehe). I say to you: Happy Love Month! By the way, ignore the featured image, I giggled when I saw that card, don’t take it seriously.


Now let’s get deeper into this topic because I really want to take some words outta my chest. We are human beings, so, we can love, right? No matter how hard the situation is, we all have that feeling inside. I recommend we all love each other every single day of the week, every single week of the month and so forth, I try not to hold grudges and always be supportive. Maybe it’s the way I’m wired but I’m a very lovable person, respect is always the key, keep happy as many people around your life as you can, give and you shall be given the moon.

My recommendations for today?

I’m afraid so, yeah. Why don’t you take your money and buy materials to do something yourself for your beloved one(s)? If you don’t have time or any determination whatsoever to create something, I also have recommendations: Bespoke mugs with lovely captions, such as “best wife ever” or “my other half” and a cute pair of half-cut oranges with cute smiles and a blush on each cheek (I actually saw that one in a store, haha). You can also get her/him yellow flowers, roses are way too hackneyed, go to a big flower shop and browse through the variety, if you can remember your loved one’s favourite colour then get some flowers that resemble her choice. A big ol’ painting, grab one of the best pictures you have as a couple and ask an artist or illustrator to do some artwork for you two, I’d personally do it myself for my fianceé, in fact, that’s what I’m gonna do but shh, don’t tell her 😉 . For the romantic dinner, put a trail of petals directly into the dinning room, make some pastry with flower/heart shapes using marmalade. I love mocha cake, I am imagining it right now, a big mocha cake surrounded by red candles and a dark (not so dark) mood to set a good ambiance. But really, my dear blokes and sheilas (let’s go full Aussie here, I’m being too “american” in this post), grab your sweetheart, tell that person that there is no gift in any store that can possibly be given to you because that person is your most treasured gift; life was generous enough to put her/him in your path and see a whole new world. You see, it’s not about how you treat that person this day, it’s about being spontaneous, funny, chary, supportive, nice, lovely, mature and much more ALWAYS, things can work if you put effort into it, discover how much butterflies you can have, don’t get stuck in the “plain relationship issue”, explore and go beyond, I’m sure it’s not that difficult.

What if I don’t have any?

Damn, son, we all have someone, we just don’t realize at first. People aren’t toys, If you feel like an animal, act like one, I’m more idealist (sorry for that) and prefer to think that people are not possessions, I’m sure many will disagree with me but that’s just the way I think. The right person will eventually come to you, trust me. Remember that rarely things will ran directly into you, put some guts and effort, nothing is impossible (theoretically) so, go and let that person know you have feelings, what’s the worst that can happen? But don’t just arrive and say “I like you, I love you, let’s be together”, you have to build up to it.Make them realize you are perfect for each other, find out what she likes and/or what you both have in common, things will be more easy that way, be confident and overall, be a good man for a good woman, a good woman for a good man.

Habemus domain!

Yes, you heard that right, I got a new domain and it’s called creativenauts.me, that’s short, personal and easy to remember. Now all I’m missing is the Custom CSS Upgrade inside WordPress.com, which I won’t buy until I have a decent amount of posts, but for now I’ll try to change the theme because this one, although it works for what I want and has my perfect portoflio markup, it’s just not looking good when it comes to the reader’s experience; posts look plain, titles are gray as well as the text. Any comments to make?

One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day! And “habemus” domain!

  1. If you’re happy with this theme overall, you could always get the CSS upgrade now and style the text, make it blacker, 1.1 or 1.2em on the font size maybe. It can be quite hard to find the perfect theme so that might be the easier route to the perfect look!

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